Sheamus confirms status of US title after broken nose on WWE Raw


Sheamus was left with a broken nose during the recent episode of Monday Night RAW

Sheamus‘ plans to challenge Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet on the same night didn’t go as he would have wanted it go, as he ended up losing both the matches in a very similar fashion.

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However, the talking point of the night was his broken nose. During the match against Carrillo, Sheamus was caught flush on the face by a ‘Carrillo forearm’.

The attack was completely intentional, as the Celtic Warrior began bleeding profusely.

Later that day Sheamus took to Twitter to share a picture of his bloodied nose, with the caption, “Utter scumbaggery on #WWERaw.”

Concerns were raised following his injury that he might have to vacate his US title which he won at WrestleMania 37. But The Great White was having none of it.

Earlier today he sent a stern message to fellow wrestlers that he wouldn’t be vacating his US Championship.

“Sorry NOT VACATING. #USChampion,” he wrote on Twitter.

Coincidentally, Sheamus’ broken nose comes just a couple of weeks after Carrillo injured himself severely while attempting a powerbomb against the Celtic Warrior.

How long will Sheamus be out

It is not known for how long the injury will see The Celtic Warrior miss out on the action, as reports from PWInsider confirmed that he had suffered a broken nose.

Jeff Hardy tossed urine on Sheamus this week on SmackDown
Jeff Hardy tossed urine on Sheamus on SmackDown (WWE)

However, since his Tweet that he wouldn’t be vacating the US title came a day after his injury, there is a chance that he would return soon to the ring.

This probably might be a good time to take some time off and come back stronger. We hope that the Celtic Conqueror heals up quickly and returns to action.

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