Shayna Baszler promises to injure stars after being drafted to SmackDown


WWE star Shayna Baszler is now on SmackDown after causing havoc on Raw

The third round of WWE Draft 2021 night 2 saw female star Shyna Baszler getting picked for SmackDown. She will be moving from Raw to SmackDown. Round 3 of the draft has other superstars like Kevin Owens, who got drafted to Raw from SmackDown, and the impressive NXT star Xia Li also getting a move to SmackDown. 

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Shyna Baszler moves to SmackDown

Shayna is a dominating force in WWE. She took to Twitter to express what she will be doing at this new blue brand, 

Baszler said that Blue limbs break easily about SmackDown stars. However, she is clearly putting her goals for this new outing.

“Blue limbs break just as easily as red ones.”

Shayna will undoubtedly bring a lot of excitement and intense wrestling to Friday Night SmackDown when she arrives here. 

Shayna Baszler has injured several stars on Raw

Shayna has been a brutal force in WWE Universe, having not only defeated other superstars but also injured them badly, and the same will be expected from her as she gets picked for SmackDown from Raw. 

She has gone berserk in the last few months after attacking some of the top WWE female stars. First, she started attacking Eva Marie when Marie was at the ringside to distract Duodrop during her match against Charlotte Flair at Raw, which resulted in the dislocation of the elbow for Marie.

Shayna Baszler could have broken the arm of Nia Jax
Shayna Baszler could have broken the arm of Nia Jax on Raw (WWE)

Baszler attacked Nia Jax as the former tag team partners squared off on Raw. She won the match but kept attacking Jax and stomped her arm on the steel steps, which broke her arm.

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