Seth Rollins reacts to a horrible injury suffered by Edge on WWE SmackDown


Seth Rollins caused a serious injury to Edge on SmackDown

WWE superstar Seth Rollins had a SummerSlam rematch with superstar Edge on SmackDown live at the iconic Maddison Square Garden.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge had put on a great clash against Seth Rollins as he dropped Rollins out with a pedigree, but Rollins got the better off him as he gave a massive Stomp onto Edge’s surgically repaired neck causing a serious injury.

Edge and Seth Rollins have history in WWE
Edge and Seth Rollins clashed at WWE SmackDown took to Twitter to share a video of Edge being stretched out off the arena is probably the last chapter of his career. The video also saw his long-time former tag team partner Rey Mysterio by his side.

The stretcher wheeled out Edge through the backstage area. asked Rollins about how he feels about what he did to Edge?

Rollins was seen to be not really affected by the incident and also told in the interview that he doesn’t know what he has done and doesn’t feel anything at all.

“Maybe I don’t feel anything at all.”

This time Edge’s return to ring now is not looking in a good place as he did in the past, but you never know from the Rated R superstar. We have seen that in the past about him making a comeback.

The Rated R Superstar was out from WWE for many years

WWE Hall of Famer was forced to end his career at an early stage after he suffered a devastating neck injury. Edge was found to be suffering from cervical spinal stenosis. 

WWE superstar Edge

Rated-R superstar suffered a lot due to this. He had to retire at just the age of 37 years of age. Edge was one of the most valuable superstars in WWE, having won so many WWE Championship titles. 

But just when everyone thought that his career was over, Edge made a shocking return at the 2020 Royal Rumble after recovering after almost nine years.

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