Sasha Banks pays a surprise visit at KIPP AMP Elementary School


The Boss Sasha Banks surprised the students at KIPP AMP Middle School in Brooklyn as she dropped by to spend some time with them prior to this week’s episode of SmackDown.

Sasha Banks with the students of KIPP AMP Middle School

Students of the school began a wrestling club consisting of 35 students who discuss and review the matches from Raw and SmackDown during lunch and recess. Sasha Banks is without a doubt one of their favorite stars.

The excitement was palpable when Banks made her entry into the room. The kids were filled with joy to see the six-time world champion in front of their eyes. Banks also enjoyed herself a lot as she sang and danced to her theme song along with them.

Banks had heard of the wrestling club through a tweet in March, earlier this year. She had retweeted the video saying “What period is this? I gotta come to this school!”

Banks finally ticked the box as she had a great time with the kids. She took to Twitter and shared a couple of pictures from her visit and wrote that she hopes every school has a wrestling club.

Sasha Banks provides important advice to a student aspiring to become a WWE Superstar in the future

Sasha Banks is only 30 years old but is certainly one of the veterans in WWE. Her accomplishments in the company are exceptional.

Sasha Banks attacks Bianca Belair
Sasha Banks celebrates after attacking Bianca Belair (WWE)

During Sasha Banks’ visit to KIPP AMP Middle School, one of the students who dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar in the future, asked her a question regarding if the Blueprint ever had fears of facing the camera.

To this Banks said that she was always afraid of the camera when she first started. She advised the youngster to practice in front of a camera or even a cell phone and also in front of her peers and she signed off by saying that she will see the young girl in the ring one day.

“I was always afraid of the camera when I first started. When I saw that I used to go, ‘Oh God I’m just too shy, I am scared to speak, I am just so nervous but it’s so much fun being a superhero or superstar it makes me larger than life. But practice now. Practice in front of this camera, practice in front of a cell phone, practice in front of your peers. They’ll let you know. Don’t be afraid ’cause one day I’ll see you in WWE.”

Some precious words of advice from the Boss. This would do a world of good not only for the young girl who asked the question but for all youngsters aspiring to make a career in pro wrestling.

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