Photo: Santos Escobar uploads exceptional ripped physique picture on Twitter 


WWE Superstar Santos Escobar shares an impressive ripped physique photo on his official Twitter handle

The leader of the NXT stable Legado de Fantasma, Santos Escobar has been out of WWE from last month. He hasn’t wrestled on “NXT 2.0” since June when he was defeated by Nathan Frazier.

Santos Escobar stands tall with the belt
Santos Escobar stands tall with the belt (WWE)

However, it seems like he is now ripped and ready as he posts an impressively ripped physique on his Twitter handle and wrote about the timing of life.


Escobar was last seen on the July 5 episode of “NXT 2.0” after being put in the hospital by D’Angelo as an example. 

Santos Escobar finally made his return to NXT 2.0 

Former WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar has finally made his return to NXT 2.0 this week. During tonight’s show Escobar cost Tony D and Stacks them a Tag Team Championship match against The Creed Brothers.

While the referee was distracted, Electra Lopez handed D’Angelo a crowbar. He went to grab it, but Santos Escobar made his return and kept him from getting it. He hit him with a forearm before Brutus hit his finisher for the win, while the rest of Legado Del Fantasma kept Stacks from helping.

Now that I’m back, LA FAMILIA is, and forever will be THE STRONGEST, and there’s not a thing anyone can do about it… #TheBestIsYetToCome

Escobar has been with WWE since August 2019 and made his NXT TV debut in 2020. He won the WWE Cruiserweight Title and then formed Legado del Fantasma stable with Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza.

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