“Many lies are circulating” – Sami Zayn provides clarification following Johnny Knoxville incident


WWE Superstar Sami Zayn shares the “Full & True” Story about Jackass Forever Premiere

Sami Zayn recently went to the Premiere of Jackass Forever in LA last week. Unfortunately, Jonny Knoxville came with the movie’s cast, took him away from the show, and even electrocuted him with the cattle prod.

Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble 2022 (Talk Sport)

Zayn today took to Twitter to share an elaborate thread about how it happened and what exactly the story was leading up to the red carpet appearance. Here is what he had to say:

“Last night @WWE aired footage of Johnny Knoxville having me ejected from the red carpet at the world premiere of #JackassForever in Hollywood. Many lies are circulating about what happened, so please retweet, share this & discuss widely. HERE IS THE FULL & TRUE STORY.

He followed it up with a couple of Tweets:

“I won’t get into to the whole history between Johnny Knoxville and I. I recommend you get caught up by reading this brief but informative thread here,” Sami began, posting a link to another thread. “Johnny Knoxville said over & over he’d eliminate me from the Royal Rumble match. Well, he didn’t. He managed to get a few shots in, but I quickly eliminated him by kicking his face in. I lost focus & was then eliminated from the Rumble myself. For that, I blame him entirely.

“After the match, @WWE ran to catch up with Johnny Knoxville to ask HIM his thoughts on the Rumble,” he continued. “The man lasted under 2 minutes! They “forgot” to interview me. So naturally, I chased down the camera crew to make sure everyone knew: THIS WAS NOT OVER. I was warned by @WWE to curtail my “obsessive” behavior towards Knoxville. So I flew myself to LA to attend the world premiere of his movie, #JackassForever . At this point, I had calmed down a bit so I really went to LA to enjoy myself and show support. I had an AMAZING day!

Sami Zayn clarifies the whole story following the Knoxville incident.

Zayn took to Twitter and posted threads to clarify the whole story about how he managed to get into the theatre.

“People said many of my Instagram & twitter posts that day came off as “deranged” and yes, Knoxville did reply several times telling me NOT to show up. Whatever. When it was finally time for the red carpet, I was feeling GREAT about finally seeing Johnny Knoxville face to face. I arrived on good behavior. I was approached by @etnow & as I began talking, Johnny Knoxville approached. Like a true tough guy, he was armed with a cattle prod & brought the entire @jackassworld cast with him. HERE IS THE WHOLE UGLY SCENE IN ITS ENTIRETY,” Sami writes with a link to the red carpet video.

“I still managed to get into the theatre anyway because I’m good at dodging security & I had a ticket. I tried to play it cool, but I was SEETHING. I went live on Instagram to share my side of things. Admittedly, not my finest hour, but can you blame me? The film began & I sat silent in the theatre, humiliated, watching the entire crowd roar with laughter & cheer for Johnny Knoxville. I was contemplating pirating the entire movie right there & then, but I didn’t. Even with all that rage inside of me, I am at my core, A GOOD GUY. I have been framed as the bad guy in this story.

“I was accused by @WWE of going to the premiere to “add insult to injury”. But it was Johnny Knoxville, the big movie star, who drove by in his Cadillac Escalade & insulted me after the film as I walked the streets of Hollywood. He even shared his own video of this incident, from his own camera, on his own Instagram account. He was BRAGGING about it. I should have punched his lights out right there, but I was concerned that the clingy fan hanging by his car would get hurt & it would somehow be my fault. I have only this left to say about everything that transpired on the fateful evening of 1 February, 2022: JOHNNY KNOXVILLE CROSSED A DANGEROUS LINE AND NOW HE IS GOING TO PAY DEARLY. YOU DON’T KNOW CRAZY JACKASS MAN I AM GOING TO GET YOU.”

Zayn recently signed a new multi-year contract with WWE. The news was first reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select.

The reports of Zayn sticking with the promotion was first discussed last month via the Wrestling Observer as his original deal was set to expire before the start of 2022. 

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