Here is the rumor roundup for February 1, 2022, including new plans for Riddle and Orton, Royal Rumble Changes, Finn Balor and more.

These are all the latest rumors from today in pro-wrestling, which are speculated. So let’s have a look at all the rumor roundup from WWE.

1.Riddle and Orton were in line to win the Royal Rumble.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Matt Riddle was initially scheduled to win the men’s Royal Rumble last Saturday. However, it was also reported that plans were changed “ton of times” until WWE Chairmen Vince McMahon decided to go with Brock Lesnar.

Matt Riddle and Randy Orton are part of RK-Bro
Matt Riddle and Randy Orton at SummerSlam (WWE)

Other pitches for the winner of the mega event included former WWE Champion Randy Orton as the Rumble took place in his hometown of St Louis, Missouri.

But it was always Lesnar the entire time until the decision was finally made to crown The Beast as the winner. 

Beast Incarnate first lost the title to Bobby Lashley and then competed in the rumble at 30th position to become the eventual winner.

2. Riddle vs Orton for the WWE title at WrestleMania 38

WrestleVotes took to Twitter and posted that Riddle vs Orton for the WWE title at WrestleMania 38 was being pitched. 

However, most of the backstage is not in favour of splitting RK-Bro.

WWE had plans since the pairing began last spring for Riddle vs Randy Orton @ SummerSlam, which didn’t happen. Plan was to hold off til Mania. I’m told now only a handful of creative members want to spilt them, w/ the idea that if the match happens, it should be for the WWE title.

This will be worth a match as they have been together for a long time now as champions and non-champions and know each other moves quite well. So it will be interesting to see whether we will see this dream match in the future.

3. Morale was down in the locker room after Royal Rumble 

According to PW Insider, the locker room morale was very low compared to most recent WWE events.

WWE Royal Rumble
Royal Rumble 2022 poster (WWE)

One WWE talent also stated that the low morale was because they were all whirlwind over the constant changes to the event.

We were all in a whirlwind. Just as you had your role and spots down, everything started over and over, and now most of us were back to square one. It changed again and again and again. It wasn’t an easy night even before we hit the ring. (H/t Pw Insider)

It has been reported that the Men’s Rumble match had literally 20 changes made. The same was the issue for the Women’s Rumble.

4. Finn Balor is not injured and is expected to come by WrestleMania 

WWE Superstar Finn Balor was not in the Royal Rumble as he is out of the country, as confirmed by WrestleVotes through Twitter.

Confirmed with a source that Finn Balor is not injured in anyway, he is out of the country however. WWE expects him back in plenty of time for WrestleMania.

It has also been reported that Balor is not injured, and WWE wants him to be back in time for WrestleMania. However, Balor did not compete in the Royal Rumble match this year. 

Finn Balor
Finn Balor can be the new King of the ring

Fans will be expecting to see Balor make a strong comeback as he lacked momentum before he went for the break.

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