Roman Reigns fought Leukemia with vigor and came back to become one of the longest-reigning champions in WWE. His reign is still going strong as he nears 600 days being the Universal champion.

Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2022
Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2022

The Tribal Chief announced on February 25, 2019, that he is in remission. Reigns have been extremely careful after the emergence of COVID-19 and rightfully so. He pulled out of a match against Goldberg when COVID-19 was at its peak. Since his return after skipping the match against Goldberg, Reigns has been seen entering the seating area during a match with a mask when required. Where overseas travel is involved, WWE and Reigns have worked out an arrangement to carry the Head of the Table via private plane.

Roman appeared on the Michael Kay Show, where he was asked if he would have pursued wrestling if he could still continue playing football.

“Ah nah, I would have been twelve years into the league and been retired [laughs]. I really believe I would have been successful in football. I was a pretty good football player who had a lot to work on and a lot of room to get better. To me, that was a really big upside that I was already pretty good, but in my mind, there was so many different facets of the game that I could shrink and get better at and gain that experience and just learn, in whatever we’re doing, we learn these little life hacks that make things easier. We get smarter and work that way as opposed to working harder and doing things that we don’t have to do,” he said.

Roman Reigns on his former teammate Calvin Johnson

Roman Reigns and Calvin Johnson were teammates at Georgia Tech and there’s a lot of mutual respect between the two.

The picture was taken from Calvin Johnson’s Twitter handle

Johnson retired in 2015. He was regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. He was inducted to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2018 and the Pro Football Hall of Fame three years later. Roman will also find his name in the WWE Hall of Fame for sure.

When Roman was asked whether he was jealous about Johnson’s achievements in NFL. The 36-year-old denied it wholeheartedly.

We all have our own journey and our own story. he did it his way and made a bunch of money and sitting on that nest egg and having a good time doing the things he’s passionate about. I’m sitting on a big stack myself, a pretty nice nest egg, we don’t do it for free. We’re getting paid as well. I’m enjoying this journey and enjoying this ride and enjoying being active. I’m going to be 37 soon and to still feel like I’m still scratching the surface, I haven’t even showcased my final form yet. For me, it’s very exciting,” he said.

Roman Reigns is the current Universal champion, and he will face WWE champion, Brock Lesnar, at WrestleMania 38. The match will be contested on April 3. It is a Winner take all, Title versus Title, Championship Unification match.

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