WWE pitched crazy role for Adam Cole before AEW move


WWE wanted a role change for Adam Cole before he left for AEW

Adam Cole has been the center of news from the past month now. Since his original contract with WWE expired in July there were a lot of different rumors floating around. He appeared on AEW All Out to put an end to all those rumors and to confirm that he has indeed left WWE.

Adam Cole AEW
WWE pitched crazy role for Adam Cole before AEW move 3

There were talks of contract extension for Adam Cole from WWE’s side as he was set to become a part of the big leagues by moving into Raw or SmackDown.

You must think that he would’ve looked good while wrestling under the bright lights of Raw and SmackDown right? But that wasn’t going to be the case.

As reported by Ringside News, WWE wanted to keep him around and make him the heel manager at SmackDown. Well, this might come as a shock to everyone but indeed WWE wanted to make him the manager of SmackDown.

WWE’s attempt to sign a new deal with Adam Cole

WWE attempted to sign a new deal with Cole before he signed with AEW. Adam passes on the opportunity to become the manager of SmackDown and wanted to continue “wrestling” somewhere else.

Vince McMahon also met with Adam to discuss a possible role change. He was determined to make use of his exceptional speaking abilities. Vince was very impressed with Adam and wanted to keep him in the roster but not for wrestling it seems.

Adam Cole made his AEW debut at All Out this past week and the fans were very excited to see him join his old friends Kenny Omega and Young Bucks at the promotion.

Adam Cole AEW
Adam Cole AEW (Credits: AEW Twitter)

It’s good to see that Adam Cole will continue wrestling. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the man at AEW.

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