Rick Boogs shares how little time he had to learn Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance music


Rick Boogs spoke about not being a regular guitarist but still picked up Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme song

Rick Boogs might be one of the most interesting talents on WWE SmackDown and the guitarist shared some interesting details of his craft.

Rick Boogs is the guitarist for Shinsuke Nakamura
Rick Boogs on SmackDown (WWE)

The SmackDown newbie reveals how nervous he was before his debut in SmackDown. He made an appearance on WWE After The Bell and this is what he had to say regarding the situation:

“Let’s just say I was shocked, I was stunned because I had, I would say about maybe 12 hours of heads up. I got a text like the night before to be at SmackDown and this is what I was gonna do. So yeah, obviously I play his theme on guitar. Now let’s keep in mind, sure I dilly-dally a little bit with the guitar, [but] I hadn’t played guitar, other than maybe a little bit here and there, like I hadn’t practiced at all.”

Boogs also revealed how he only had roughly 12 hours to prepare and was very nervous because he wasn’t a regular guitarist.

Boogs revealed that even though he accepted the offer to perform he was still anxious about it.

“I’m not even kidding. From time to time, maybe I’ll do something simple and easy, whatever, maybe to put it on Instagram or whatever, but it’s not like I practiced. So them being like, ‘Learn this’, and of course I’m like, ‘Yes, I’ll do it,’ but the anticipation and the nerves of that, man. Not just playing guitar, because I was in a band in high school, not a very serious band, I think the biggest full crowd we played in front of was, I don’t know, 25 people. So now it’s like, can you learn this thing in a matter of hours and everyone’s gonna judge you, it’s gonna be in front of millions of people, and it’s not really what I do.”

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Boogs VS Dolph (Whatculture)

How is Rick Boogs becoming a regular feature on SmackDown

Boogs made his WWE SmackDown debut in May this year, He featured as the hypeman of Shinsuke Nakamura.

Boogs has also teamed up as Nakamura’s Tag team partner on two occasions and the duo has won both the matches. Rick boogs also faced his toughest challenge yet as he found himself in match against Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown of Sep 3rd.

The superstar has a lot to offer besides his guitar skills and it would be fun to watch him in the future.

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