Ad campaign with Ric Flair paused due to Dark Side of The Ring episode


Backlash against Ric Flair Dark Side of the Ring episode

The 2002 infamous flight incident has caught fire again, after Vice aired the Ric Flair incident on the Dark Side of The Ring show.

As the story has been brought to light again there has been a major backlash against Ric Flair on how he treated the flight attendants and his sexually inappropriate actions. The flight attendants ended up filing a lawsuit which was settled by WWE later.

Ric Flair released WWE
Ric Flair (WWE)

PWInsider gave an update on the situation and reported that Flair’s Car Shield ad campaign has been put on hold because of the controversy. According to the company they take such matters very seriously and have also put the campaign on hold indefinitely.

Interestingly enough the Nature Boy has always denied the accusations made on him. But after one of the flight attendants Heidi Doyle appeared on the Dark Side of The Ring episode Flair’s remarks have lost credibility.

Plane Ride From Hell
Plane Ride From Hell (PWP)

Why did Tommy Dreamer receive backlash?

Tommy Dreamer also appeared on the same episode of DSOTR and seemed to have defended Flair. He said that Flair wasn’t trying to impose anything on anyone but was just flaunting. This made the fans angry and he got a lot of heat for it.

Tommy Dreamer made the news for his comments on The Dark Side of the Ring
Tommy Dreamer (WrestlingInc)

Hearing his remarks Impact Wrestling decided to suspend him immediately. He was also asked to leave the Skyway studio immediately where they wee shooting. It was revealed that his remarks are against the company’s values and they decided to act upon it. Dreamer was working with Impact since 2018.

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