(Watch) Rhea Ripley posts indifferent update to latest ear injury after Toni Storm loss


Rhea Ripley suffered another ear injury in a matter of weeks

WWE NXT star Rhea Ripley has suffered yet another gruesome ear injury, just a month after her previous one against Io Shirai.

Ripley suffered “skin disfigurement and ear trauma” in her loss to Toni Storm on NXT this week.

You can see the photo of the injury in the video upload by WWE earlier, but we must warn you that is highly graphic.

Ripley looked the favourite throughout the fight as she had opportunities to win via pinfall. ‘The Nightmare’ was then sent hurdling towards the turnbuckle in what looked like a heavy blow to her head.

Shortly after that, Storm pinned her after connecting her ‘Strong Zero’ to perfection. And as if the loss wasn’t bad enough, Ripley suffered serious damage to her right earlobe.

Rhea Ripley suffered another ear injury on NXT in her loss to Toni Storm.
Rhea Ripley on NXT. (WWE)

Even towards the end of the fight, when Ripley is being pinned, the damage to her right is partly visible. Clearer images were revealed post-fight and it was more gruesome than people initially imagined it to be.

Rhea Ripley seems indifferent about her latest ear injury

WWE NXT shared the report on Ripley’s injury on Twitter, to which The Nightmare replied in a characteristically indifferent way.

She said that at this point, she’s used to having her ear injured. This is in reference to a similar ear injury that she suffered last month on NXT.

In last month’s loss to Io Shirai, she suffered several ear contusions, bruises to both ears, and had 5 earrings ripped off her ear. To add salt to the (multiple ear) wounds, she lost that day as well.

Shirai scored the win via pinfall after connecting the Moonsault. In comparison to that, this injury looks a tad less ‘gory’ and doesn’t look like anything that will keep Ripley out of action.

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