Sasha Banks has a huge role to play in the Mandalorian as Randy Orton opened up on his favourite character

Disney series, The Mandalorian, has become a huge hit as it expands upon the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars itself is one of the biggest franchises in the world and they have continued to expand it over the past couple of decades.

The Mandalorian has a lot going for it and it seven stars Sasha Banks. The Boss has regularly updated fans regarding her time on the show, and many WWE fans have started following the show just for that.

Sasha Banks is set to appear on the Mandalorian
Sasha Banks in action during the Mandalorian (Twitter)

Randy Orton, who is one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, also seems to be a fan of the show. The Viper took some time off from his busy schedule to post details regarding the show.

Orton claimed that he might have been in love with Baby Yoda and also brought up how he couldn’t be trusted after burning The Fiend alive.

However, he did want people to watch the Mandalorian and was hooked on after the first season.

Orton cannot let go of Wyatt

The Viper and The Fiend met at TLC 2020 in a Firefly Inferno match. After a gruelling battle, it was Orton who got the better of his rival by burning him alive.

Orton watched The Fiend go up in flames and thought he was done with his rival. However, this week’s Raw saw Alexa Bliss come out and taunt Orton.

She claimed that Wyatt was gone for a while but he will be back and The Fiend’s laughter also echoed a bit in the arena.

Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend
Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend at TLC 2020 (WWE)

This was a perfect move by WWE as they could keep The Fiend away and see a huge return later on.

Wyatt also confirmed he wasn’t done with WWE after posting a cryptic message after being burned and it will be interesting to see what is next for him.

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