WWE announced their own special, the Great American Bash, to rival AEW’s Fyter Fest on Wednesday

Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray were discussing the Great American Bash and Fyter Fest while on the Busted Open podcast.

AEW planned to host Fyter Fest in the UK, but the coronavirus pandemic shelved those ideas. They then turned Fyter Fest 2020 into a two-day event. WWE countered that by bringing up the Great American Bash, which takes place on the same two days to replace NXT.

Dusty Rhodes is a legend
Dusty Rhodes is a legend in the wrestling business (WWE)

Bully spoke about the fact that NXT had defeated AEW last week in the ratings war, and how it would feel if they did it with the Bash did it to Fyter Fest.

The Bash was developed by Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes, and LaGreca was unhappy at how WWE was using family to attack AEW.

Bully Ray, Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca are the co-hosts of the Busted Open podcast
Bully Ray, Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca are the co-hosts of the Busted Open podcast (Twitter)

LaGreca brought up the history of the moniker being used by WWE a while back, and it would be huge if WWE beat AEW again, but didn’t like how it was put together at the last minute to rival Fyter Fest.

“I am sorry Bully, but I think it is in poor taste. You can mention that the WWE used it, you can mention it is close to 4 July weekend. I think just randomly using it on NXT for the first time, to go up against a free PPV for AEW, I think that’s in poor taste and I think it’s a low blow.”

Below the belt

LaGreca added that both promotions had taken shots at each other in the past. However, he wasn’t happy that Cody’s father was being brought into the middle of all this:

“When you start using a creation by someone’s father, I think that’s hitting below the belt. I think using the Great American Bash to counter-program against Cody Rhodes to me is in very, very poor taste.

“I think it’s in poor taste and I know I will not be watching Great American Bash live on Wednesday.”

Cody was also on the show later on and hoped the WWE would do something good with the event. However, the AEW star knew Fyter Fest would be a better show.

Jungle Boy and Cody Rhodes
Jungle Boy lost his shot at the TNT title (AEW)

LaGreca was also unhappy at WWE using the Bash name which wasn’t original or something that linked up with NXT.

“There’s a million things they could have called it other than the Great American Bash. Why not come up with unique and just to NXT? You know, a name that hasn’t been used in pay-per-views before. Something unique that when you think of it, you think of NXT.”

The Great American Bash hadn’t been seen for years, and the main event on the first day is also a non-title match.

WWE seems to want to take AEW head-on in the ratings. The Bash might bring the nostalgia back, and it will be interesting to see how the two shows take place on Wednesday.

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