WWE Rumors: WWE planning surprise location for 2022 SummerSlam


What is the possible location for SummerSlam 2022?

As reported by talkSPORT, WWE is trying to host the 2022 SummerSlam in the UK. And the location is targeted to be the Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. The Stadium has a retractable roof which is a very attractive feature and the stadium can also hold upto 74,500 fans.

126 SSlam1992009
SummerSlam 1992 (WWE)

SummerSlam has been hosted in the UK before, In 1992 SummerSlam was held at the Wembley Stadium. The event was main evented by Bret Hart and The British Bulldog. WWE want to hold the SummerSlam on the 30th anniversary of it’s previous hosting in the UK.

WWE is also eyeing to host more stadiums show in 2022. The company has been making big moves lately when it comes to expanding their reach. Hosting SummerSlam in the UK will just be an icing on the cake.

WWE SummerSlam 2021 Streaming
WWE SummerSlam 2021 (WWE)

Will WWE actually hold SummerSlam in the UK?

As of now nothing is final and WWE are just having discussions considering it as a possibility. Cardiff’s Principality stadium is one of the favored venues if and when WWE decide to host the event in the UK. Though this is very unlikely as WWE has not hosted a lot of it’s main stream PPV abroad.

Millennium Stadium 009
Cardiff Principality Stadium (The Guardian)

WWE usually like to host PPV’s like WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumbles, etc in the comfort of their own country. As it is being reported if the SummerSlam plan does not come to fruition, The company will try it’s best to host a Stadium show in the UK in 2022 regardless of it being SummerSlam or not.

Will WWE actually host the SummerSlam PPV in the UK or the rumors will boil down, only time will tell.

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