Chelsea Green provided a positive update regarding her broken wrist and how her rehab was going

Chelsea Green could be one of the most unlucky stars in WWE given her injury history. She had made it to NXT a few years back but broke her wrist on her TV debut.

Green then returned to action and was becoming one of the big names in the brand alongside Robert Stone.

Chelsea Green broke her wrist on SmackDown
Chelsea Green in action on SmackDown (WWE)

However, greater things were in store for her as she was moved to SmackDown and her debut was expected to be great.

Things just didn’t fall into place for the Canadian as she fought in a match for a place in the Survivor Series team.

However, fate played a role in all this as she broke her wrist during the match and that scuppered further plans.

Green was to win that match and feature at Survivor Series but this was her second wrist break.

Chelsea Green suffered a broken wrist injury on SmackDown
Chelsea Green in hospital after her wrist injury (Twitter)

The Canadian was a little upset at but was positive regarding her future. She was on social media again providing an update and it seems she will be back soon.

A nasty gash on the arm

Green shared more photos of the injury and a deep gash had developed where the surgery had taken place.

The former NXT star also added that her arm was getting stronger each day and things are getting easier for her too.

Green also joked that she was planning for her sixth WWE debut, and it will be interesting to see when she does come back to TV.

It was a tough break for the Canadian just before Survivor Series. She was away for a while after her NXT stint and was expected to feature on Raw first.

Those plans were also nixed after Paul Heyman switched brands. However, the SmackDown debut didn’t go as planned either.

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