(Photo) Retribution star Reckoning shares a glimpse of new ring gear on Raw


Retribution member Reckoning walked out in a new in-ring gear on RAW

One of the largely unnoticed moments of this week’s Monday Night RAW was Retribution member Reckoning wearing a new ring gear.

Reckoning did not have a match of her own but appeared after the fight between T-Bar and Ricochet.

T-Bar hit Ricochet with an early clothesline but failed to pin him. Some distraction at ringside from Mace and Slapjack then helped T-Bar to capitalize.

Mia Yim, also known as Reckoning, used to sport an all-black outfit with Retribution. (WWE)
Mia Yim, also known as Reckoning, used to sport an all-black outfit with Retribution. (WWE)

After Ricochet attacked Mustafa Ali, T-Bar was on his toes to hit him with the GTS and secure the win. After the bell, the members of the stable lined up inside the ring as Ricochet lay there defeated.

It was at this moment that WWE fans got to have a clear look at a new ring gear that Reckoning was sporting.

Retribution star Reckoning had her new ring gear on display at RAW

Reckoning (Mia Yim) has sported an all-black outfit in the past, which also included long black pants.

However, her new outfit is starkly different from anything we’ve seen her wear during her time with Retribution.

Reckoning was seen wearing black shorts while sporting a grey top. Her mask, though, was still the same and the boots, as well as the vest, kept the ‘black’ theme alive.

It is also different from her in-ring attire where she wears black tights with grey accents.

Reckoning brought out a new gear on WWE RAW this week. (WWE)
Reckoning in action on WWE RAW. (WWE)

Only time will tell if this gear becomes her new go-to attire for her future appearances, or if it was a one-off occasion.

While the dull-coloured outfit isn’t all that ‘sparkly’ and ‘happening’, it is about time WWE spruce up Reckoning’s character.

Whether that comes in the form of an attire change, or a progression in her storyline, WWE could benefit from bring Mia Yim to the fore instead of using her as just a member of Retribution.

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