Mustafa Ali still wants more firepower in his Retribution group and is ready to add a sixth member

Retribution leader Mustafa Ali is still looking to recruit more WWE stars to the heel group.

Ali was revealed as the shock leader in October 2020 after the group had attacked many stars and also caused a lot of damage.

Mustafa Ali is a former cop from Chicago
Mustafa Ali could lead Retribution into the light (WWE)

The former SmackDown star has since then led the group to a few wins but there is one name that he seems keen on adding.

The current group, without Ali, has four other known members. T-Bar, Slapjack and Mace are the male members while Reckoning is the only female member.

Retaliation was a former member of the group but Mercedes Martinez was removed and sent back to NXT.

Ali has targeted Ricochet in recent weeks and recently shared a photo of the WWE star alongside the other Retribution members.

The leader of the group captioned this picture as “necessary” and it is to be seen what happens with the high flyer.

A big decision to come from Ricochet

Ricochet and the rest of Retribution have been at each other’s throats for a while. They have traded blows and wins and it will be interesting to see what is next for this rivalry.

Ricochet has avoided any attempts to team up with Ali, but he has been attacked several times in recent weeks.

Retribution attack Ricochet
Ricochet has been attacked by Retribution several times (WWE)

The high flyer was part of a group with Cedric Alexander and Apollo Crews before he decided to go his own way.

He was targeted by another faction too, The Hurt Business, but he got a huge win and ensured they had to let him be.

Ricochet has been a tough star to deal with for WWE creative. He was excellent on NXT but his move up to the main roster has had more misses than hits.

Joining with Retribution could give him a fresh start in WWE but how many does he need to stay relevant in the business?

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