(Photo) Artist left upset as Braun Strowman posts massively edited Brodie Lee tribute


Braun Strowman, like the rest of the wrestling world, posted a cartoon tribute to Brodie Lee but ended up in some hot soup

WWE star Braun Strowman was part of the Wyatt Family with Brodie Lee and felt the loss of the AEW star.

The world was left shocked with news of Lee’s passing away due to a lung issue yesterday. Lee was with WWE for several years as a member of the Wyatt Family before joining AEW and becoming the leader of the Dark Order.

Brodie Lee passed away due to lung issues
Brodie Lee with the Dark Order (AEW)

He was just 41 when he passed away and left behind a wife and two children. While many WWE and AEW stars have posted great stories about Lee, some have also shared some incredible tributes to Big Rig.

Every single wrestler to have met Lee has only shared positive stories about him while some artists have also paid their respects and tributes to him.

Strowman decided to do the same with a picture drawn by another artist. He also posted a long message about how great Lee was and the cartoon featured Lee looking down on all the members of the Wyatt Family.

Braun Strowman tribute to Brodie Lee
Braun Strowman posted this tribute to Brodie Lee on Instagram (Instagram)

However, there seemed to be quite some editing done to this from WWE, possibly.

Cutting out Cody

Cody Rhodes was the last person Lee had a huge battle with on AEW. He lost the TNT title to Cody and then was off air for a while, possibly dealing with the lung problem.

Cody and WWE have had their issues in the past and the American Nightmare was one of those behind rival promotion AEW.

While Strowman’s edited tribute didn’t seem to catch the attention of many, the original artist for the tribute called out the WWE star and wanted to be credited for the piece.

Brodie Lee Strowman issue
The artist of the piece called out Strowman and wanted credit for the same (Instagram)

It is difficult to say who edited out the artist’s name, but this was done in poor taste. Artists find it hard to get credit and such moves by big companies hurt them more.

Otanod, the name of the artist on Instagram, posted the original piece which featured his watermark and Cody too.

The original artwork for Brodie Lee
The original artwork posted on the Instagram page of Otanod (Instagram)

The artist is known for making wrestling cartoons but in his own unique style.

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