Pat McAfee rips into “scum” Adam Cole after AEW move


WWE star Pat McAfee has a history with Adam Cole and ripped into his rival after a big AEW Move 

NXT star Pat McAfee goes after his former rival Adam Cole after his debut with AEW. 

Adam Cole WWE contract
Adam Cole is on an impressive rise since his debut on NXT

During the Pat McAfee Show (h/t Ringside News), McAfee just ripped Adam Cole apart with the continuous rant. He was praising Cole but at the same time was ranting, saying that he is a terrible “scumbag.” McAfee considered Cole’s moment a massive moment and then later did the “Adam Cole Bay Bay” pose.

McAfee quoted saying in his show that, 

“We are gonna talk about Bay Bay later, that was quite a big moment last night. You know, he’s a piece of s**t, that guy. I mean congrats to him and that is a pretty big deal, but f**k that guy. I can’t take this guy. You know dude, like he’s terrible scumbag as*hole. Can’t say it enough, proved it again last night. Just can’t help it, it oozes from his body. You stand too close to him for too long he’s like… when I had to, for 20-some minutes, first time, no crowd, no big deal. When I went out there, you’re worried that the scum is gonna osmosis through.

“That was a pretty fu**ing big moment. Now, with that being said, What a terrible guy, congrats though. It was really fun**ing cool to see, and it was great to hear [does the “Adam Cole Bay Bay” pose] that fu**er was loud,” 

Adam Cole further stated in the post-show press that his decision to join AEW was a reasonably easy decision to make. 

McAfee and Cole had some history in the past

The NXT star Pat McAfee made his NXT debut against Adam Cole, and since then, this two had quite a bit of history between them. Additionally, these two had some solid matchups in the recent past against one another. 

Adam Cole hits Pat McAfee
Adam Cole attacks Pat McAfee at TakeOver: XXX (WWE)

McAfee made his way to the Friday Night Smackdown as a commentator. However, last week he was taken out of the show as he tested positive. 

Adam Cole was a free agent that time and has not signed any deal with AEW. However, fans speculated that he would end up in AEW, but McAfee had other ideas in his mind as he took to his Twitter account and offered Cole to become his assistant for McAfee’s radio show.

He quoted in his Twitter account saying, 

Adam Cole responded to this job offer by making a shocking debut at AEW All Out.

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