Pat McAfee is all set to face Austin Theory at WrestleMania 38

Austin Theory came to ringside as the main event match of SmackDown between Sami Zayn and Ricochet was about to begin.

Austin Theory
Austin Theory and Vince McMahon has been involved in many storylines (WWE)

Theory walked his way to the announce table and sat beside Pat McAfee. The youngster Theory was looking angry while McAfee had no idea of what was happening.

As the match began, Michael Cole started calling the match and tried to make things seem normal but Theory had other ideas. He got up once again and this time he started getting in McAfee’s face. McAfee was blind-sighted last week when Theory slapped him so hard that his headset fell off. Last week, however, McAfee was shell-shocked at what just happened and before he could react, Theory went away.

This week when Theory once again slapped McAfee, the latter just erupted. He jumped over the announce table right onto Theory and let out a flurry of punches. Theory wasn’t expecting that side of McAfee as the host of The Pat McAfee Show slammed his head off the announce table. McAfee threw Austin Theory over the announce table. He once again jumped off the table to land another flurry of hard punches on Theory.

In the end, security personnel escorted them out of the stage area.

Pat McAfee’s commentary career in jeopardy?

Michael Cole who partners Pat McAfee on commentary on SmackDown tried to calm things down when Pat was unleashing his assault.

The segment has been widely praised. Cole repeatedly told McAfee to not let Austin Theory work him up. The experienced Cole would tell McAfee to focus on his job as a commentator. McAfee wouldn’t relent as he unleashed his lethal side.

Later he was escorted out of the premises by the security team. Cole would end up calling the main event match all by himself.

During the segment, Cole would say that McAfee overstepped and might face suspension. This is all a part of the storyline. If Pat is kept away from commentary for a few weeks ahead of WrestleMania, it would only get the fans more behind him than they already are. Pat has been highly appreciated by the fans for his passion and enthusiasm during his commentary stints.

This rivalry is being built up quite well and the animosity is palpable. Maybe a stipulation like a no disqualification or last man standing match could make it even better.

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