Tony D’Angelo is one of the new breakout stars presented among the new NXT debutants in WWE NXT 2.0.

There has been a lot of hype regarding this new WWE NXT debutant Tony D’ Angelo, teased with several vignettes that revealed a mobster-type character. Naturally, this gets the fans talking about the star and his over-the-top nature character. After weeks of promotion, the fans finally got to see this NXT star in his in-ring debut and accepted him with open arms.

Tony D' Angelo
Tony D’ Angelo is one of the new NXT 2.0 debutants with the most popularity amongst fans (Twitter)

They did the same thing on social media, and it seems that the NXT Universe is all about Tony D’ Angelo from now on. He came to the arena wearing a purple tracksuit with the crowd seemed to like him from the first look itself.

Tony D'Angelo
Tony D’Angelo with his attire during the debut for NXT (WWE)

D’ Angelo pulled some hilarious moves by smoothly bribing the referee with some money. He wrestled wearing a white tank and track pants and talked all kinds of trash in the ring.

Tony made his debut against Malik Blade on 5th October 2021 in NXT 2.0. He won the match quite comfortably by pinning him with a spinning fisherman’s buster. D’Angelo has an imposing character, but he is still a budding star, which is why he is in NXT.

It only took a fraction of time for the crowds to begin chanting for him. They just loved all of it, and he is already a favorite amongst the fans. This superstar has gained the most popularity among all the new debutants of NXT 2.0.

Tony D Angelo opens up about his upbringing

While talking to the, Tony spoke about his upbringing and how his family connected with the mob.

“I was born and raised in the streets of Chicago.” “I come from a long line of businessmen. See, my family has interests in waste management, the fish market, the meat market… you name it. But I found success in my way.”

WWE NXT took to Twitter to share his victory and mentioned his mother, saying that his momma would be a proud woman after his debut victory.

Momma is gonna be so proud!

He is currently in a feud with Tommaso Ciampa, who is expected to leave at the end of NXT: Stand and Deliver PPV. Recently, D Angelo had interrupted Ciampa’s promo and left him level with a low blow. But a week later, the former NXT World Champion took his revenge. Both are great wrestlers, and this is a match to look out for.

Tony’s future in WWE looks quite promising, and with fans by his side, it’s more enthralling hope he does wonders for the company.

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