WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades, 12 Apr 2022: New NXT Tag Team Champions crowned


WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades: Cameron Grimes retains his NXT North American Championship after an amazing match.

Three Championship matches took place on the night. Also, a veteran superstar made her appearance on the show taking out a talented youngster.

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Cameron Grimes (c) versus Solo Sikoa – NXT North American Championship match

Grimes delivered a Frankensteiner. He landed a clothesline and a deadlift German suplex. Grimes looked to end the match with a Cave-In but Sikoa countered with the hip attack.

Towards the later stages, Sikoa climbed the ropes but Grimes swiftly joins him. A punch-fest ensued as Sikoa got the better of the exchange with Grimes falling onto the mat. Trick Williams appears out of nowhere and attempts to pull down Sikoa from the ropes. Solo, however, kicked him off the ropes and hit a splash on the outside taking out Williams.

Grimes got some vital time to catch his breath as once Sikoa entered the ring the champion delivered the Cave-In to retain his Title.

Result – Cameron Grimes beat Solo Sikoa

Grade – B

After the match ended, Carmelo Hayes and Willams assaulted Sikoa and Grimes. After the assault, Hayes posed with the NXT North American Title.

Bron Breakker appeared at the ring and informed that his father, Rick Steiner is safe and at home. However, he also mentioned that Joe Gacy has got his attention.

Breakker said his father served this business for 20 years and is a Hall of Famer and a legend. The NXT Champion called out Gacy to the ring.

Gacy appeared on the tron with a firing burning ahead of him. He said he knew more about Breakker after spending time with his father last week. He held the Hall of Fame ring that Steiner won recently ahead of WrestleMania 38. Gacy mentioned that the ring represented his father’s achievements in the ring. He threw the ring into the fire.

Breakker was seen after some time, driving out of the arena and he was all fired up.

Ikemen Jiro versus Von Wagner w/Robert Stone

Prior to this match, Wagner attacked Jacket Time, who were warming up backstage and he even threw them into some production boxes before powerbombing Kusida over some boxes.

Stone and Wagner came to the ring as the former said that Jacket Time wouldn’t be able to compete. Jiro, however, came down to the ring and attacked Wagner demanding a match.

As the match began, Wagner weathered the initial storm and took control. He wore down Jiro with a bear hug. Jiro freed himself and delivered kicks and some rolling punches. Wagner got dropped with a knee, then Jiro hit a superkick and goes up top to hit a Swanton Bomb but couldn’t pick up the win.

Robert Stone distracted Jiro as the latter swung at him but connected thin air. This little distraction helped Wagner to take advantage as he delivered a variation of the fireman’s carry to secure the victory.

Result – Von Wagner beat Ikemen Jiro

Grade – B

After the match, Sofia Cromwell appeared from the crowd and wanted Wagner to inflict more punishment. Wagner obliged by tossing Jiro onto the fans at ringside.

Nikkita Lyons was interviewed backstage and she said Lash Legend talks trash but is athletic. Lyons mentioned that she had nothing to prove to Legend as she only wanted to prove herself in front of the WWE Universe.

Legend appeared and delivered a big boot that sent Lyons and the youngster landed backward over her chair.

Mandy Rose (c) w/ Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne versus Dakota Kai

With a flurry of offensive maneuvers and Kai tried to finish Rose off early the champion kept fighting. Mandy delivered a spinebuster for a near fall. Kai hit the Kairopractor as both women were down on the mat.

Jayne and Dolin got involved as expected as a distraction resulted in Kai getting hit by Rose with a running knee. The champion retained her title.

Result – Mandy Rose beat Dakota Kai

Grade – C

After the match, Wendy Choo came out with a water gun and sprayed them.

Joe Gacy appeared once again as he said Breakker is too unstable to be the face of NXT. In just two weeks, he has made Breakker chase him like a mad man. Gacy felt it should be him who should be the face of the brand. He pulled out the ring from the fire and wore it as he grimaced in pain.

Natalya’s assault on Cora Jade

Cora Jade was in the ring cutting an emotional promo. She was speaking of her heroes like AJ Lee, Paige, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Sasha Banks, etc. She said she will be with them someday and will be holding a WWE Championship.

Natalya’s music hit and out came the third-generation wrestler to a standing ovation from the crowd. Jade was in shock as one of her idols was in front of her.

Natalya had some good words to say about Jade and the upstart was thrilled and showed her respect for the “Best of All Time”. Natalya said Jade is the future of WWE but added that the future is bleak.

The veteran slapped Jade and applied a Sharpshooter to which Jade tapped instantly. However, Natalya wasn’t relenting. After some time she did let go as the referees intervened. Natalya called Jade a “b**ch” and left as the segment drew to a close.

Draco Anthony versus Xyon Quinn

Anthony in his natural loud-mouth style mocked Quinn’s Samoan heritage. This angered Quinn as he beats down Draco in the corner and follows it up with a few lariats. A spinning Samoan drop and then a flying forearm had Anthony reeling.

A normal forearm followed by a flying forearm and Quinn picked up an impressive victory over Draco.

Result – Xyon Quinn beat Draco Anthony

Grade – C

Backstage, Natalya told Tatum Paxley that she is putting the entire NXT women’s division on notice.

Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell were bragging backstage as usual about their husbands when the latter said that they need to stop fighting as both their men are great and could do wonders if they worked together. Hartwell even suggested that their husbands can team up together and become Tag Team Champions. Hudson and Lumis were a bit skeptical but finally agreed.

Gauntlet Match for the vacant NXT Tag Team Championships

Legado del Fantasma and the Creed Brothers got us underway. It was a great back and forth contest with Legado’s quickness and athleticism against the power of the Creed Brothers.

Brutus got the hot tag as he cleaned the house. Great in tandem offense from both teams as it seemed that anyone could pick up the victory. Mendoza landed a 450 splash and they went for their double-team finisher but Brutus dragged Mendoza out of the ring.

The Creeds hit the basement clothesline on Wilde to advance.

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs were next. They delivered a devastating powerbomb on Brutus through the announce desk. Back inside the ring and they hit Julius with an atomic drop/big boot combination but only for a near-fall.

The match ended when Brutus came back to clothesline Jensen for the pin.

Grayson Waller and Sanga came out next. They did a great job in isolating Brutus. Sanga hit a big boot from the apron on Brutus. Sanga and Waller looked in control before Brutus slammed Sanga and made the tag. Julius hit the basement clothesline and got the victory.

Creed Brothers versus Pretty Deadly now and the winner takes the Titles home.

Pretty Deadly’s in-ring debut

Pretty Deadly hurried in together but Brutus dropped them both. Julius got a tag but the referee didn’t see it and he made him get back out of the ring.

Brutus tried to build momentum but Pretty Deadly took advantage of the slight distraction and knocked Julius off the apron, then hit Brutus with the Spilled Milk and won the Gauntlet to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.

Result – Pretty Deady won

Grade – A

Overall show grade – B

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