Nikki Cross confirms she is done with the dark side and saving Alexa Bliss


Nikki Cross says she has reached the end of the road with former best friend Alexa Bliss

Months after their feud first emerged, Nikki Cross says she has finally “moved on” from former best-friend and tag-team partner Alexa Bliss.

Their friendship took a weird and unexpected turn not soon after their failed WWE Women’s Tag Team title defense. Nikki Cross failing to win the Women’s Championship left her irate with Bliss not helping her out for it.

On the 31st July episode of SmackDown, things reached a boiling point when Cross shoved Little Miss Bliss to the floor.

Moments after that, Bliss was attacked by Bray Wyatt’s alter ego, The Fiend, who seemed to take over Bliss’ soul and mind.

Cross says she is done with Bliss

Since that episode, Cross apologized to Bliss for the confrontation and has continuously tried to free Bliss from The Fiend’s grip.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross on SMackDown
Alexa Bliss hits a Sister Abigail on Nikki Cross. (WWE)

The ‘Twister Sister’ even gave Bliss an ultimatum to choose between her or The Fiend. Bliss chose the latter and chose to stay on the Dark Side.

After countless efforts to talk sense into her best friend, Cross says she has now “moved on“.

Bliss’ character has had a complete overhaul since the episode with the Fiend. Her hairstyle and attire have changed and she now uses Bryan Wyatt’s ‘Sister Abigail’ as her finisher.

A few weeks ago on RAW, the two faced off as Cross attempted to punch the Dark Side out of her. Her attempts to ‘exorcise’ Bliss failed as she was betrayed by Bliss.

Bliss appeared to apologize to Cross, but hit her with the ‘Sister Abigail’ finisher while the two were embroiled in a ‘make-up’ hug.

After all her efforts failing till now, it is understandable why Cross would give up trying to ‘save’ Bliss.

This could mean that both go their separate ways, which makes sense. However, the pair could end up clashing in the future, especially with a story as intriguing as this.

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