Naomi promises Sonya Deville a beat down next week on Smackdown


WWE star Naomi has promised that she will beat Sonya Deville next week on SmackDown

After a lot of wait and patience, Naomi has finally got his much-awaited match on WWE SmackDown since her return, and who other than Sonya Deville herself will be facing her. 

Naomi will face Sonya Deville next week on SmackDown

Deville has recently posted a GIF of her eating cereal and maybe telling Naomi a few words.

She said that she would not tell Naomi what to do, but she should focus more on the work front and not on the home front. Sonya posted this Tweet to replying to a video post from Naomi with her husband, Jimmy Uso.

“Not trying to tell you what to do or anything BUT if I were you I’d focus a little less on the home front a little more on the work front.”

Naomi replied to the Tweet, saying that Homework is work front!

“Home front is work front! You don’t really want to go there with me”

WWE star Naomi reacts and is ready to beat Sonya Deville on SmackDown

After the Tweet from Deville, Naomi didn’t waste time and took to her Twitter to fill it up with replies for Deville.

Naomi said that after the match on Friday, the WWE official will be limping with one black eye, and she will show her how to enjoy the cereal.

“After our match friday when you’re limping to catering to get ice for your black eye I can show you how to enjoy your cereal and not inhale them”

She didn’t stop there and gave a few more reactions to the cereal post. First, Naomi said that if the cereal was of her kind Devile has disrespected it.

“What kind of cereal was it? Umma be livid if it was my fav kind bc you have completely disrespected cereal”

Naomi posted a funny GIF of throwing a cereal bowl and said that it was not her who allowed Deville to eat it calmly and made a disgusted face about how she eats cereal.

“Who was sitting beside you & allowed you to eat in their face like dat

“whew chile couldn’t been me”

Naomi mentioned the Friday match, saying that she would drag Deville on SmackDown.

“Here dang! you can thank me after I drag you friday”

Here are some of the other Tweets from Naomi,

“I want you banned from eating cereal! From this day forwaaaaard!”

“Why would you put this on Beyoncés internet”

“But why you eyes did that? ooof scary”

“Oh you wuz hungry hungry!”

“If you had the bowl any closer hair would have definitely touched the milk”

“Just throw that whole mouth away”

“Ion like how you eat cereal”

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