Naomi again calls for a match against Sonya Deville


Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi wants a match against Sonya Deville

Friday night’s SmackDown Live saw former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi come out to the ring and talk about how she has been treated since she returned from injury. She called out Sonya and asked about a match at any cost today against any female wrestler in the locker room. 

Naomi in the ring on SmackDown Live

Deville came out from backstage and again made it clear that she won’t be getting any match tonight. That made Naomi really upset; she asked Sonya if she didn’t have an opponent for her, why couldn’t she face her. Naomi even took to her Twitter to react to the match. Naomi said, 

#makethematch that’s all #smackdown

Sonya didn’t wait for too long and replied to her, saying she couldn’t fight her anymore as she is a WWE official now and no longer fights in the ring. But, Deville didn’t stop there and added that everyone knows she would smack the Glow right off her face.

“Everyone knows I’d smack the GLOW right off your face…”

In the end, Deville told to cut her mic off and asked the security to take Naomi backstage. 

Naomi has been mistreated by Sonya Deville since her return

It’s been more than 3 weeks that Naomi has arrived in the WWE scenes after her injury. Still, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion hasn’t been given a single chance by the current WWE official Sonya Deville.

Sonya Deville
Naomi being taken out by security

Naomi also kept trying with Sonya Deville to get a match, but Deville just wrote her off. 

This Naomi and Sonya battle of words could turn up to an actual match-up soon.

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