MVP refutes reports of having undergone knee surgery


MVP has denied the claims of undergoing knee surgery

WWE star MVP was recently injured by the hands of the Randy Orton. MVP later suggested that he might as well get his knee surgery done which was due for a long time now.

MVP is the leader of the Hurt Business

Dave Meltzer later went on to reveal that MVP has already had knee surgery and will be out of action for a while. MVP reacted to this report and also wanted to set the record straight. MVP tweeted:

“For the OFFICAL record. I’m going to get surgery on my knee. I have not had any surgery YET!!! YOU HEARD THAT FROM ME!”

MVP has come out to completely deny any reports of getting a knee surgery as of now. It is yet to be known when will MVP return to the WWE.

What happened to MVP?

WWE announced almost a week ago that MVP had suffered a broken rib because of an RKO from Randy Orton. This happened when Bobby Lashley faced Orton for the WWE Championship match at Raw.

MVP injured (Ringside News)
The RKO that injured MVP (Twitter)

MVP tried his best to distract Orton during the match. This led to Orton getting frustrated and the Viper hit an RKO on MVP. The rib injury has also been reported as a cause of that RKO. However, from what it seems it is only a storyline injury to give MVP some time off to get his knee fixed.

MVP later revealed that he will get his knee fixed while he is out because of the broken rib. For detailed coverage check out: MVP reacts to broken rib after RKO from Randy Orton

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