Murphy reacts after sacrificing his body for the ‘greater good’ on WWE Raw


Murphy saved Seth Rollins from an attack on WWE Raw

Murphy took to Twitter and explained that he took the bullet from Drew McIntyre for the greater good on WWE Raw.

WWE Champion McIntyre and Seth Rollins came face-to-face on Raw as they signed a contract for their title match at Money in the Bank.

McIntyre, on Monday, cut right to the chase and signed on the dotted line as he sat down with Rollins in the middle of the ring.

Drew McIntrye came out to sign the contract
Drew McIntyre is the WWE Champion (WWE)

McIntyre said he will be going for Rollins’ throat at Money in the Bank as Rollins finally signed the contract. The champ quickly smashed Rollins’ face into the desk before he threw everything out the ring. McIntyre got ready to hit his future opponent with a Claymore but Rollins’ disciple Murphy came to the rescue.

Rollins hugged Murphy to thank him for his help but McIntyre came charging back, hitting Murphy with a Claymore as Rollins escaped.

Despite bearing the brunt of the Claymore, Murphy seems optimistic about Rollins’ chances at The Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

Rollins recruits Murphy

Back in January, Buddy Murphy joined The Monday Night Messiah and AOP in their brutal Fist Fight against Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe.

Murphy got kicked by Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw
Drew McIntyre hits Murphy on Raw (WWE)

Murphy was set to go one-on-one with Aleister Black in the third of three meetings between the two.

Unfortunately for Murphy, he picked up another loss. The loss sent him into a dramatic trance outside the ring where he sat for the remainder of the show. He didn’t move, seemingly trying to come to grips with what his next steps in the industry would be.

Later when Rollins begged Murphy for his help, Murphy surprised everyone by joining hands with the Monday Night Messiah.

With AOP and Rollins on the receiving end of a beating from The Big Show, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe, Murphy stepped in, delivered a low blow to Big Show and helped his new friends overtake the trio.

Rollins celebrated with AOP afterwards and embraced Murphy with a hug. The foursome closed the show, hand in hand and Murphy became a part of the dominating faction.

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