Mick Foley claims WWE has a huge problem after recent AEW moves


WWE has a problem or two according to legend Mick Foley

WWE Legend Mick Foley has come out with a video where he speaks about how the recent AEW moves are a huge problem to the company.

Mick Foley

This is what he had to say:

“WWE is no longer the place for talent to aspire to, Part of it is because AEW is doing a great job of attracting great talent, proven talent, building other talent, creating storylines, but part of it is a problem of your own making. I think younger talent sees the way that developmental characters are cut or left by the wayside, or in the case of Karrion Kross, greatly watered down and even made a joke of when they debut on the main roster. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

“If I was an aspiring talent now, big league talent with a major decision to make, I’m not sure that I would trust WWE creative to do the right thing with my career. You guys did wonders with me back in the day… that was a different time, different place. If it was today, I’m not sure I would trust the powers to be with my career in their hands, and until that changes, WWE – you’ve got a problem.”

He has come out and criticized the company for its talent management system and the way of handling upcoming talent. He expresses how he feels that an aspiring professional wrestler might not trust WWE with their career. This comes after AEW’s recent success of attracting Ex-WWE stars and even new talent.


Is AEW stealing the buzz from WWE?

Since its induction to the professional wrestling business in 2019 AEW has managed to do what no company has done in a little over two years.

WWE reigned supreme over any other promotion for many years and it still does in many ways. But AEW has started to make name for itself. With the recent signing of CM-Punk, Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole AEW is making it known that they should not be ignored.

CM Punk made his wrestling return by debuting for AEW
CM Punk is now All Elite (AEW)

They have been providing excellent storylines and their talent management has been top notch recently, As WWE have struggled to do the same. AEW is slowly becoming the hub of young talents as well as the iconic ones.

Daniel bryan adam cole in all out wrestling
Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan (AEW)

AEW’s team has managed to treat their superstars fairly as well another department where WWE has struggled. Failing to give good contracts to superstars and making prominent budget cuts has been problematic as well for the company.

With AEW on the rise will WWE finally realize they’ve got massive competition and start working for change?

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