Jaxson Ryker made a return to WWE RAW this month

WWE RAW Superstar Jaxson Ryker made a comeback to the red brand last Monday as he featured in a segment with Elias and R-Truth.

Ryker was a member of the ‘Forgotten Sons’ alongside Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. The team made its debut on NXT in 2018 and appeared on the main roster in April this year.

However, a controversial tweet by Jaxson Ryker sent the group into a hiatus. Ryker posted a pro-Donald Trump message in the midst of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in May and June.

The consequence of it saw the trio taken off air, despite the other two members having nothing to do with the tweet.

Jaxson Ryker (C) was a part of The Forgotten Songs. (WWE)
Jaxson Ryker (C) was a part of The Forgotten Songs. (WWE)

Blake and Cutler even expressed their disagreement over Ryker’s tweet, which is probably why they got re-integrated sooner than Ryker as Baron Corbin’s henchmen.

However, Ryker made his comeback to RAW after almost 6 months he was introduced by Elias, and also featured on RAW’s 21st December episode this week.

Mick Foley expresses his happiness at seeing Jaxson Ryker return to WWE

On this week’s episode, Ryker had a singles match with the Lucha House Party Member Gran Metallik.

Jaxson Ryker made a comeback on RAW this month. (WWE)
Jaxson Ryker made a comeback on RAW this month. (WWE)

The 38-year-old RAW Superstar secured a quick win over Metallik, and one of his famous ex-TNA co-wrestlers approved of his return.

Mick Foley shared screen-time with Ryker at TNA, when the latter went by the name ‘Gunner’. Cactus Jack was to quick to compliment Ryker after his fight on Monday


Foley said that he knew the “hard-working dude” since 2009 and that “He’s a player”. The returning superstar acknowledged the praise and thanked Foley for his words.

It seems that Ryker has now aligned with Elias, while The Forgotten Sons will not be remembered by the promotion anytime in the near future.

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