Max Caster slams WWE for “Blood Money” Crown Jewel show


AEW star Max Caster hit WWE for “Blood Money” Crown Jewel show

Max Caster, a pro wrestler for AEW, has criticized WWE after the Crown Jewel show which included a match between Edge and Seth Rollins for calling it a “Blood Money show.”

Max Caster
Max Caster is an AEW star (Wrestling Inc.)


Caster took to Twitter to share this and said that he didn’t expect to see these things on a Blood Money Show for so much amount. As a result, his image was adjusted to include “The Acclaimed” on the sign in the background.

I’ll take “Things I Didn’t Expect to See on a Blood Money Show,” for $500, Alex! Wow I guess EVERYONE loves the Acclaimed!


We will have to wait and see what Max comments after this or will he add a few lyrics from this incident.

The actual sign was for Cultaholic Adam Pacitti. WWE has received a lot of criticism for doing shows in Saudi Arabia, which has given minimal rights to women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Female Superstars were not included on the initial shows, and Sami Zayn, who was of Syrian descent, wasn’t allowed to travel there due to the country’s complicated relationship with Syria.

Edge defeated Seth Rollins in the WWE Crown Jewel Event

The Rated-R-Superstar finally got his hands on Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell contest at Crown Jewel. The latter frustrated Edge throughout the summer with his nuisance and deliberately invading inside Edge’s house.

Edge Seth Rollins Crown Jewel finisher
Edge vs Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel (WWE)

It was an excellent game between the two as they both unleashed on each other with chains, chair legs, and ring steps. They both delivered their most significant moves, but eventually, Edge got the better of Rollins by giving a stomp and driving him into the chair for a pinfall.

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