Sonya Deville proud after Mandy Rose wins NXT title


Mandy Rose won the NXT title at the recent NXT 2.0 episode

This week’s NXT 2.0 saw Mandy Rose become the NXT Women’s champion. Rose’s long time friend Sonya Deville has took to Twitter to in response to her friend’s accomplishment. Deville was seeming proud and reacted to Rose’s triumph where she said:

“THATS MY BEST FRIEND! AND NEWWWWWWW @WWE_MandyRose. I’m so proud of you! All the hurdles all the obstacles and you prevailed my friend”

Deville is certainly overwhelmed and proud by Rose winning the NXT Women’s title. She mentioned how Rose has managed to emerge on top even after facing obstacles throughout her journey. The Toxic Attraction leader faced of against Raquel Gonzalez on this week’s NXT Halloween Havoc and managed to come out on top.

What happened during the NXT Women’s championship?

Rose and Gonzalez squared off in a ‘trick or street fight’ at this week’s Halloween themed NXT 2.0 episode. The stipulation was basically a no holds barred match, in which Rose emerged on top. The match was a treat to watch for the fans, both went at it toe to toe for almost 20 minutes and neither Rose nor Gonzalez was ready to put her guard down.

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose (WWE)

It seemed like Gonzalez was going to retain her title towards the end of the match. However, a masked figure emerged from backstage and went on to hit the former NXT Women’s champion with a shovel from behind. It was none other than Dakota Kai, former partner of Gonzalez.

This helped Rose to get a victory over her opponent and become a champion for the first time in her career in the WWE. It will be interesting to see how her first championship reign goes.

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