There was a return to action for Mandy Rose this week on WWE RAW

WWE Superstar Mandy Rose made a sensational return to WWE RAW this week after a month-long hiatus from the television screens.

A month ago, she became the latest victim of Nia Jax to suffer a legitimate injury inside the ring.

Jax threw Rose out of the ring, but the ‘Irresistible Force’ did nothing wrong. It was the fall that Rose took on the apron that aggravated an already botched spot on her shoulder.

Rose was then out of action for a while, with no updates on her injury status. However, that changed on this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW.

Shayna Baszler and Dana Brooke went head to head, but just when Brooke had the upper hand, Nia Jax intervened and beat up Brooke viciously.

This was the perfect time for Mandy Rose to make her return, which she did; beating Jax with a kendo stick until Shayna took it off her.

Asuka joined the party and came to Brooke’s rescue alongside Rose. Brooke won by DQ but the talking point of the match was Mandy Rose’s return from injury.

Mandy Rose explains WWE return and status of her shoulder

Rose later clarified on RAW Talk that she had indeed suffered an injury to her shoulder in her fight against Nia Jax.

Mandy Rose made a sensational return to WWE RAW this week. (WWE)
Mandy Rose made a sensational return to WWE RAW this week. (WWE)

To everyone’s relief, she clarified that she was just off the TV screens for a while and that the injury wasn’t anything serious.

Earlier in the night, Lana pulled off a big upset to beat Nia Jax. WWE played an injury angle here where they showed Lana getting violently beaten by Jax and Baszler.

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Lana was scheduled to partner Asuka at TLC 2020 for the Women’s Tag Team Championship, but has now been pulled from the event.

It will be interesting to see RAW Women’s Champion Asuka forfeits her title shot to the reunited Brooke and Rose, or if someone like Charlotte Flair makes a return in the quest for the belt.


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