“What matters is that you reach out” – Liv Morgan shares her story on mental health


Former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Liv Morgan shares her mental health story to support Mental Health Awareness

WWE recently partnered with the Ad Council to support The JED Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention during Mental Health Awareness Month. 

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Liv Morgan is a former RAW Women’s Champion

Former Raw Women’s Champion Liv Morgan shared her mental health story to motivate, inspire and guide those suffering from mental health problems.

“What helps me support my mental health is being physically active equates to my overall health. Even if it is not very physical, it is pivotal to get the body moving. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself. I am very fortunate to have a great support system, family, and friends. They just listen. Being an ear for someone is so important. Sometimes people just need to vent. There are so many ways to start a conversation about mental health with friends. What matters is that you reach out.”

We hope that these quotes from Liv Morgan will definitely help people reach out and be open about their mental health problems and lower the suicide rate.

Liv Morgan shares a ‘day in the life’ video on social media 

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has recently documented a day in her life video on her Youtube Channel, which shows all the various stuff she does and her daily routine.

Her day begins with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. She also jokes about her love for coffee in the video, saying that this would be her “first of 17 cups that I’m going to make and not finish today.”

Morgan said that meditation is the most crucial part of her day. She highlighted other activities like Journaling, crystal work, oils incense, Sage and candles as part of her daily meditation routine. 

She also did her blood checkups. The medical professionals took four vias of her blood before proceeding to ensure her blood pressure was at a safe level to compete. 

After that, she began preparing for her match with former tag team partner Rhea Ripley later in the evening. 

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