Liv Morgan was scheduled to beat Carmella in Queen’s Crown tournament


Liv Morgan was originally supposed to beat Carmella in round one of Queen’s Crown

This week’s Friday night SmackDown saw a match between Carmella and Liv Morgan in the Round 1 of Queen’s Crown. Carmella was able to get the job done and advance to the second round. However, the outcome of the match was supposed to be the other way around initially.

Carmella Liv Morgan
Carmella and Liv Morgan (WWE)

As per Fightful Select, Morgan was penned down to be the winner of the match but the plan was later changed. The exact reason of pulling Morgan’s victory from her has not been reported.

“Carmella ended up winning the match, but we’re told that at one point ahead of the match, Liv Morgan was actually penciled in to win the match.”

This was the fifth time these two have battled and the pair has managed to build up a rivalry that fans enjoy to see. This report will also definitely disappoint Morgan’s fans as they would’ve loved her to get through.

What happens in the Queen’s Crown next?

The first ever Queen’s Crown was kicked off during this week’s Friday night SmackDown. Toni Storm battled Zelina Vega in the first match, Vega was able to get the victory and will now also face Carmella next week in the semi-finals.

WWE Queen's Crown Bracket
WWE Queen’s Crown Bracket (Twitter)

Doudrop will take on Natalya and Dana Brooke will take on Shayna Baszler in the upcoming Monday night Raw in also their first round matches. The final of the Queen’s Crown tournament has been scheduled for the Crown Jewel PPV. Check out the full Queen’s Crown bracket: WWE Queen’s Crown 2021 bracket, match ups and winners

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