Matt Riddle was accused of sexual assault by Candy Cartwright but Lisa, his wife, sent out a stern warning

WWE star Matt Riddle has the support of his wife, Lisa, as she posted a strong message on social media.

Matt had been accused of sexual assault by an indie wrestler, Candy Cartwright, recently. While the WWE star refuted the claims and even suggested legal action would be taken, Cartwright shared some photos of the pair together, which she claims were from last year.

Matt Riddle opened this weeks WWE SmackDown
Matt Riddle was interviewed by Michael Cole on SmackDown (WWE)

Matt has been married to Lisa for several years and the pair have three children too. While Lisa hasn’t been seen on SmackDown or accompanied Matt to any of the WWE events, she is active on social media and had a stern warning for those targeting her family.

Lisa posted a picture of the family and warned people not to get in their way too:

“THIS IS US: we are the Riddles. Are we perfect…NO, but we are a FORCE that will always stick together and be strong. Words of recommendation…don’t try to mess with us. Do we expect everyone to like us, no, & if you don’t that’s okay, but don’t get in our way. @SuperKingofBros”

WWE making moves

This could have been a shot at Cartwright, after all she posted on social media. While WWE has taken action by firing staff accused of sexual harassment and abuse during the #SpeakingOut movement, Matt hasn’t been handed any punishment.

It is imperative to highlight that Matt is still innocent until he is proven guilty. WWE has taken a strong step to eliminate such instances in their business with many British stars being named in the #SpeakingOut movement.

Matt Riddle picked up a win on his WWE SmackDown debut over AJ styles
Matt Riddle wants to be known as the SmackDown Stallion (Twitter)

However, Riddle has been appearing regularly on SmackDown and recently faced off against John Morrison.

The Original Bro also got a huge debut win over AJ Styles, and WWE seems to be backing him. Hopefully, the air is cleared regarding this serious allegation from Cartwright and the truth comes out sooner rather than later.

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