Fans want Dwayne Johnson to buy WWE. Here are all the latest reports on The Rock planning to buy the company

Since the time Vince McMahon has taken retirement from WWE, there have been several speculations regarding the possibility of WWE being sold to Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” or AEW President Tony Khan. 

The Rock
The Rock is one of the biggest names in WWE history

It has been reported that Dwayne Johnson and Nick Khan have a great relationship and were childhood friends when both of their families were based in Hawaii. 

Many fans have also speculated that Johnson who previously acquired Vince McMahon’s XFL brand could be set to buy WWE as now the latter is out of the picture. 

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, there might be a possibility that Dwayne Johnson might work together with Khan to buy the venture as he loves pro wrestling and it was his family business as well.

“The two names that have come up in many questions as far as if they sell are Tony Khan and Dwayne Johnson. Those are both very interesting (names). Of course, Nick Khan and Dwayne Johnson have a relationship, the story is they were childhood friends in Hawaii when they were both very young. “(Nick Khan’s) sister is the showrunner for Dwayne’s television show, so whatever relationship they had before, the fact is they know each other. “Dwayne himself does not have the money to buy WWE, nor does anyone, but could he go in there and round up capital? Can they all work together and buy this company together? That is an intriguing possibility. (H/T Wrestle Talk)

“Dwayne loves pro wrestling, it was his family’s business, and his daughter is now in it. This is not some weird fantasy, this is absolutely something that can be viable.”

The Rock celebrated his birthday recently
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Getty Images)

“He ain’t putting $5 billion”- Jim Cornette reveals if The Rock will buy WWE 

Former WWE star Jim Cornette has stated earlier that The Rock will not buy WWE or any other promotion even if he has the money to do it. 

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The Rock with Nick Khan (Twitter)

On an edition of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, Cornette touched upon The Rock’s relationship with Nick Khan as a close enough bond which could result in The Rock buying WWE. 

“Some people were saying, ‘Is The Rock going to buy WWE?’ I don’t care how rich a movie star he is, he ain’t putting $5 billion, all or part of his dollars, into a wrestling promotion – any wrestling promotion, I wouldn’t think. He’s smart enough not to do that,” said Jim Cornette.

It will be interesting to see whether The Rock actually buys WWE or not and who eventually ends up buying it. 

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