Lana explains why she changed her look recently


Find out why Lana has changed her look recently

Former WWE star Lana revealed her new look this past week, when she showed off her newly dyed hair. She had dyed her hair black, fans are used to see her with blonde hair and were pleasantly surprised with her new look.

Lana’s new look (Ringside News)

Lana has finally revealed why she decided to change her hair color to black. She took to her Instagram to reveal the reason, where she stated:

“Should I keep the black hair??? I was asked to dye my hair black to play the character TubeRose for @trailblazersfilmofficial !!!! #hair @rickhenryla #acting coach @leslykahn #actioncoach @mikechatxma @xmaaction

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Lana was a part of WWE (WWE)

Lana has revealed that she was asked to dye her hair black because of her role of TubeRose for her upcoming movie “Trail Blazers.” Fans have certainly taken a liking of her new look and are looking forward to seeing her as TubeRose.

Why is Lana not on OnlyFans?

A couple of weeks ago, the former WWE star talked about how she wants to have an OnlyFans account but she is not able to make one. The reason for the same being her husband and AEW star Miro. She revealed that Miro has been stopping her from making an OnlyFans account.

Lana and Miro (Twitter)

Lana went on to reveal that she has even persuaded her husband to open an account for himself as she feels a ton of people would like to see him on the platform. She suggested this to Miro because he loves his body and she claimed she has not seen anyone love oneself this much.

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