Lacey Evans felt cheated the way SmackDown’s Karaoke ended

WWE decided to mix things up this week on SmackDown as it featured a Karaoke battle involving Lacey Evans, Naomi, Tamina and Dana Brooke.

This might have been a segment to kill time and normally WWE does a good job with all this. However, this segment fell flat but it did descend into chaos.

Naomi won the Karaoke contest on SmackDown
Naomi during a Karaoke contest on SmackDown (WWE)

Evans thought she had won the Karaoke, however, Naomi was declared the winner after most of those in attendance cheered for her.

This enraged the Southern Belle as she attacked Naomi and a match was set up. While she attacked Naomi ruthlessly, the match ended as a no-contest with Brooke and Tamina also getting involved.

Evans was thrown out of the ring in all this, and the Southern Belle listed out all the issues she had on Friday night.

“I get cheated out of yet ANOTHER win. Got carpet burn. Broke a damn nail….and for what? Yall are all lucky I still made it home in time to feed my family ya nasties.”

Evans certainly seems upset at all this and there could be a rematch in the works, especially with Naomi and the Southern Belle exchanging words before the contest.

WWE misses the mark

While anything that ends in chaos is a plus, this didn’t actually help any of the female stars. It did create more heat between Evans and Naomi, and they are two of the best in the ring.


The Karaoke battle didn't hit the right spots
The Karaoke battle didn’t hit the right notes (WWE)

However, all of this could have been done without the Karaoke competition. There were a couple of hilarious moments as Tamina decided to head-bang more rather than sing while Brooke brought out her questionable singing talents.

But WWE should do more with its talented roster rather than make then all comedy props.

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