(Photo) Lacey Evans demands Naomi “delete” hilarious screensaver from WWE SmackDown


Naomi got the better of Lacey Evans this time on WWE SmackDown

The rivalry between Naomi and Lacey Evans continued on SmackDown this week. The pair have clashed for the past two weeks and did so again on the Dirt Sheet.

John Morrison and The Miz had called out Naomi to speak about a social media trend over the past week. This was regarding many WWE fans wanted something better for Naomi as she has been stuck in some rather poor storylines.

Naomi was called out by the Miz and John Morrison
Naomi spoke during a Dirt Sheet segment (WWE)

The same had been going on with Evans and a Karaoke clash recently. While Naomi tried to get things off her chest, Evans came out and taunted her rival.

However, this time, it was Naomi who got the last laugh as she not only ruined the make-up of Evans but also pushed her rival out of the ring.

Naomi shared a picture of Evans with her face messed up and looking at a mirror. She claimed this would be her new screensaver, however, the Southern Belle wasn’t pleased and wanted it to be deleted:

WWE making a mockery of the movement

Naomi is a former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion but hasn’t been close to the title in years. WWE seems to have forgotten about her and this was a chance to fix things up.

Bringing her to address the movement was a good move but instead of pushing it on, they completely wasted the segment by bringing Evans out.

Lacey Evans got the win over Naomi
Lacey Evans beats Naomi on SmackDown (WWE)

While Evans is a great worker in the ring, she also deserves a better storyline. This all started with a random Karaoke battle and the heat between the stars doesn’t feel organic enough.

WWE can still turn it around but Evans vs Naomi won’t be for the title given that Bayley and Nikki Cross are set to meet for the championship next week.

Naomi deserves something better and hopefully, WWE can find out something for the former champion.

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