Kurt Angle wants Gable Steveson to learn from Matt Riddle


Kurt Angle gives advice to Gable Steveson over WWE future

Gable Steveson
Gable Steveson after his Gold medal win (Reuters)

Gable Steveson has recently signed with the WWE. He met with both. Vince McMahon and UFC president Dana White to discuss his options. The former NCAA champion and the current Olympic Gold medalist decided to join the WWE and signed a contract on September 4th.

Gable will look to do big things in the WWE, Just like former Olympic Gold medalist turned WWE superstar Kurt Angle.


Kurt Angle praises Matt Riddle but has advice for Steveson

Kurt has recently praised Matt Riddle wherein he also advised Gable Steveson who has recently signed with the WWE. This is what Kurt had to say (h/t WrestlingInc):

“He’s doing extremely well, but he came in with a character, the ‘Bro’ thing. It works so well, and they put him in the right place. They teamed him up with Randy Orton. Randy is more of a miserable guy that doesn’t get along with anybody, And those are the kinds of things that Gable Stevenson is going to need to have, along with his ability.”

Riddle, before joining WWE, used to be a Mixed Martial Artist. He was even in the UFC from 2008-2013. Riddle then transitioned into the world of professional wrestling. Riddle’s storyline has been a quite successful one. His energetic persona and his team with Randy Orton, i.e RK-Bro has gathered a notable audience.

Matt Riddle and Randy Orton are back on Raw
Randy Orton and Matt Riddle on Raw (WWE)

This is why Kurt mentioned that Steveson should learn from Riddle and bring into the WWE alongside the wrestling abilities he has. Gable will be transitioning from his much-decorated wrestling career into the WWE in the coming days.

It should also be kept in mind that Gable is currently only 21 years old and still has his best years ahead of him. Vince McMahon definitely sees him as a great prospect and it will be interesting to see how his story will fold out.

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