“You won’t be sorry” – Former WWE champion lauds Buddy Murphy as Aussie posts wrestling update


Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has come out in support of WWE Superstar Buddy Murphy, who was released by WWE on Wednesday night.

Kingston retweeted Murphy’s tweet where he posted for business inquiries and lauded the Australian wrestler:

“You won’t be sorry. He’s so incredibly talented”

It wasn’t just Kingston who praised Murphy with the Aussie’s former girlfriend, Alexa Bliss, also doing the same.

Further, Murphy earlier tweeted thanking the WWE fans for their support in the last 8 years. He also assured that the best is yet to come and that the future is very exciting.

Murphy joined WWE in 2013 and managed to win a fair share of gold in his reign. He won the NXT Tag Team Championship, WWE Cruiserweight Championship and RAW Tag Team Championship.

"You won't be sorry" - Former WWE champion lauds Buddy Murphy as Aussie posts wrestling update 3

Murphy also admitted that he had a good adventurous time in WWE and his prophecy of calling himself the “best kept secret” would come true.

Murphy had a stellar 2020, including a storyline with Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family. He was the ‘chosen disciple’ of Rollins and had numerous run-ins with Rey Mysterio. The twist was when he was involved romantically with Aalyah and eventually turned face. After the feud ended. the creative team couldn’t indulge him in a proper booking.

Murphy now joins his former tag team partner Wesley Blake as a free agent. The pair won the Tag Team Championships in NXT together. They’ll be looking to continue their journey ahead soon.

Where Will Buddy Murphy Ply His Trade ?

Murphy has a bright future ahead of him. The former Cruiserweight champion has stated that Kenny Omega is one of his dream opponents. A matchup between the two would be a mega-event if it happens.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T also suggested that Murphy would profit from a move to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He explained that the organisation was more wrestling oriented and would fit into the Australian’s repertoire perfectly.

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Murphy wants a 1v1 battle with legend Kenny Omega

Finally, Tony Khan’s AEW seems to be the next haven for WWE superstars. In addition, a long list of legends like Christian, Mark Henry and the Big Show had decided to move to the upcoming brand. Thus, Murphy would benefit with a move there and could make him one of the best wrestlers in the division if booked right.

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