Kevin Owens is all set to host Stone Cold Steve Austin on The KO Show at Wrestlemania 38. As per reports, it’s not going to be a plain and simple interview as the Texas Rattlesnake is expected to get into a brawl with the former Universal champion.

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens during a match against Austin Theory (WWE)

Kevin Owens recently revealed his favorite wrestler in an interview with ESPN. Owens was asked how’s everything going heading into WWE’s biggest event of the year this weekend. Owens replied saying that it’s a wild time in his career. He said that Austin was his favorite wrestler for the longest time and that he grew up on the WWE Hall of Famer.

Owens stated., “Man it’s a really wild time in my career. I am about to be in the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin. I don’t think it gets any bigger and wilder than that. Especially for a guy who grew up on Stone Cold and he was my favorite wrestler for the longest time so it’s been a pretty incredible ride the last few weeks for sure.”

The spectacular Stone Cold impersonation

Owens did a fantastic impersonation of Austin last week on RAW. His effort was praised by everyone including Hall of Famer Mick Foley. Owens was asked how was it like to be one of his idols for a little while.

“You know it’s really funny because it’s really not the kind of stuff I’m used to doing. That’s happened before right with one of the wrestlers would dress up as someone else, one of the rivals whatever like you know The Miz did it a few years ago, DX have done it you know, a couple of people have done it and done it pretty well.

“It felt like I was stepping out of my comfort zone a little but I figured out that’s the most impactful thing I could do going into this match or this confrontation, whatever you want to call it. It ended up being a lot of fun. I think I pissed a lot of people off which is delightful.”

Kevin Owens shares his unexpected favorite moment of his WWE career

Kevin Owens has won several titles in WWE and is one of the top superstars on the current main roster.

Kevin Owens is one of the top stars in WWE
Kevin Owens reveals his favorite wrestler's name 3

The 37-year-old revealed his favorite moment in his WWE career and it’s quite a unique selection. Owens has won plenty of titles like the WWE Universal Championship and the NXT Championship on one occasion each. He also won the WWE United States Championship thrice and WWE Intercontinental Championship twice.

However, KO picked his first match on NXT as the moment that is etched in his memory forever, and feels the night was extremely special.

“The one that always comes back to me is my first match in NXT. And it’s funny when I say that because people would expect, ‘oh, it’s got to be one of the WrestleMania’s or when you won the, you know, the Universal Title,’” Owens said. “All those moments are incredible but my first match at NXT was my first match in WWE as far as I’m concerned and that was a culmination of, at that point, 15 years of dreaming and working toward that.

“So that moment, is etched in my memory forever and it’s probably always going to be at the top. Like when people ask me, ‘what’s your one memory in WWE that you’ll cherish the most?’ That first night in NXT was just so incredibly special.”

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