WWE UK star El Ligero has been accused of sexual harassment by fellow wrestler Natalie Sykes recently

The British wrestling scene was hit hard by sexual harassment claims which included WWE star El Ligero.

Natalie Sykes, an indie wrestler, posted four screenshots of what all she had to go through. Ligero was her trainer and she didn’t mind him becoming friends with her as she learned the tricks of the trade.

WWE star El Ligero has been accused of sexual harassment by Natalie Sykes
WWE star El Ligero has been accused of sexual harassment by Natalie Sykes (WWE)

However, the messages accuse Ligero of passing “sexual comments” and asking for photos of her in-ring gear.

Initially, Sykes would pass it off, but it got to her and it started affecting her mentally. Ligero, apparently, also spoke about Sykes’ father and would berate her for her performances before asking to become her friend again.

It took Sykes a lot of courage to speak out and here are the posts which she shared on Twitter:

Sykes also claimed that many others could have gone through this situation, and this isn’t the first case we have heard coming out.

El Ligero has featured in several 205 and WWE UK shows, but there has been no response from his end yet.

David Starr, another wrestler, was also accused of sexual harassment. Starr admitted to doing many wrong things and has since been stripped of titles from various brands.

Jordan Devlin shared his rugged look on Instagram
Jordan Devlin shared his rugged look on Instagram (Instagram)

Jordan Devlin is another that has been called out regarding this issue with Hannah Francesca sharing several updates on Twitter (h/t 411mania).

WWE stars come out to speak on the issue

This has been a troubling time for the world with all the protests going on in American after the murder of George Floyd.

The wrestling world has been hit hard by such sexual allegations in the past too, and several WWE stars spoke out about what has been shared so far.

Mustafa Ali could be the one behind the truth will be heard messages on WWE
Mustafa Ali hasn’t been seen on WWE for a while (WWE)

Mustafa Ali, a former police officer, has always spoken out in support of wrestlers and was appalled after learning about this.

“You don’t have to share your pain. But if you do, realize how incredibly brave you are. Sharing your pain may prevent someone from experiencing that same pain. My heart is with you. #SpeakingOut”

Big E also shared his thoughts and wanted such predators to done away with:

“I pray our industry is swiftly rid of all these predators & abusers. To everyone brave enough to tell their story, I’m so sorry you had to endure this. #SpeakingOut”

Tegan Nox, who is one of the biggest names on NXT, also came forward with her thoughts.

“I’m absolutely disgusted by what I’ve heard/read today. To those who spoke up, you are brave & you are loved”

Keith Lee also came out forward with his message after all this and wanted the wrestling world to “do better”.

He also added that there was “enough trash going on in the world right now”.

Pete Dunne might be one of the biggest WWE UK stars and he too was upset over the stories coming out from the British wrestling scene.

Dunne was also called out for not knowing about Starr, but the former NXT tag champion wasn’t taking any of it.

Accusations of sexual harassment aren’t to be taken lightly and hopefully, those responsible are dealt with properly.

It was a strong move from those affected to speak out and no one should ever be bullied or harassed in any form of work or life.

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