Former WCW star Judy Bagwell passes away at 78


Judy Bagwell has passed away at the age of 78

Former WCW personality Judy Bagwell recently passed away this past Friday on November 5th. Bagwell was regularly seen in WCW back in the 2000’s along with her son who was a former wrestler as well. The news was broke out by her son Marcus ‘Buff’ Bagwell on Twitter where he announced the news and said:

“It is with a heavy heart we must announce that this past Friday the matriarch of the Bagwell family has passed away. Judy Bagwell was blessed with three amazing children, a loving husband and so many great memories over the years. Thank you to everyone that has asked about her”

“Over the years, and have kept her in your prayers during her battle with dementia. Judy Bagwell was 78. RIP Judy 1943-2021”

As revealed on the tweet, Bagwell was suffering from dementia which impairs a person to remember, think or make decisions. Dementia is common in older people, however, it is not a part of aging. She passed away at age of 78.

The wrestling world has mourned the loss of Bagwell who was one of the prominent parts of WCW back in the day. Her funny and entertaining characters was certainly on of the fan favorites during her time in the company. WCW tried different storylines with her and she was always down to take an extra step.

Judy Bagwell’s memorable WCW career

Bagwell first appeared in the the WCW back in 2000. It was the time when her son was feuding with Chris Kanyon. Rick Steiner had choose a partner in the 1998 WCW Halloween Havoc and chose Bagwell as his partner.

Judy Bagwell
Judy Bagwell with the tag team title (Wrestling Headlines)

Bagwell went on to hold the WCW world tag team championship with Steiner. She was a constant part of funny storylines which suited her character. Bagwell was even supposed to face her son ‘Buff’ and Scott but that never happened. WCW also tried different storylines with her and she was always down to take an extra step which is why she is remembered to this date.

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