Jimmy Uso called cop “An A**hole” during DUI arrest 


WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso calls cop “an A** hole” during DUI arrest 

New footage has emerged about WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso’s arrest last July. He was captured on a video calling the arresting officer “an a** hole” after something he had said.

Jimmy Uso Arrested
Jimmy Uso mugshot released by Florida police (Credits: Imgur)

Jimmy was arrested on July 6th due to failing field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. He was also accused of over-speeding and breaking traffic signals before getting all fired by a comment from the cop. Police records say that he consumed loads of beers before driving.

TMZ released the video of Jimmy’s interaction with the Pensacola Police Dept Officer before the sobriety test. The officer allegedly wised him luck in dodging it this time, referencing his arrest in 2019. The comment triggered Uso, and he called the officer “an a**hole.

Jimmy was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge, and he was set a fine of $500. However, he was released the following day. He was required to complete several courses related to the incident.

Below is the whole conversation via TMZ.com

“I’m hoping you beat it this time, too,” the officer said.

For some reason, that remark seemed to set Uso off.

“Are you serious?!” Uso asked the cop. “Are you serious?! Why would you say that? I just — it’s all good.”

“That’s crazy, right?” Uso said. “He didn’t have to say that s***.”

“The nice thing?” the cop replied.

“The nice thing?!” Uso fired back before adding, “Bro, you don’t need to say the s*** you’re saying. I get it. I’ve been here. Let’s do it.”

“You’re an a***hole,” Uso said. “You’re the one that’s worse. You had a remark — you made a remark you shouldn’t have done.”

The cop seemed to apologize, saying, “I think you misunderstood. So, I’m sorry. I was actually being nice. But, I’m sorry.”

Jimmy Uso became a tag team champion shortly after the arrest

As Uso completed the course that he was given following his arrest. Soon after the arrest, Jimmy and his brother Jey Uso won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at Money in the Bank on July 19th.

The Bloodline in WWE
The Bloodline

The Bloodline soon became a dominant force at WWE, with all the three members holding the title for a long time now. Roman Reigns also reacted to his brother’s arrest by stating that we are all humans. We all make mistakes.

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