Why is Jey Uso missing from WWE SmackDown recently?


WWE SmackDown Superstar Jey Uso missing from live television over past weeks

Jey Uso has been missing from action since his return and is “quitting” WWE, according to brother Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy Uso said that he had spoken to his brother and that he replied by telling him that he won’t be returning to WWE. Reigns, then told Jimmy Uso that he would have wanted his cousin by his side and was even assured to be in the main event by Paul Heyman.

Despite the offers, Jimmy Uso refused to join his brother and WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns and turned face. His decision to not align with them could be a decision by WWE to pair them up in a later feud.

Jimmy Uso has been by the side of The Head of the Table, ever since his move to WWE SmackDown. He has helped Reigns on various occasions and taken the bullet for his cousin.

Jey Uso‘s ‘quitting’ angle could see him return at an unexpected moment to avenge the treatment given to his brother by Reigns. There is no news of the return of Jey Uso, but we will have to keep an eye on Reigns and Uso after the return of Edge.

How has Jimmy Uso been as the ‘Right Hand’ of Roman Reigns?

Jimmy Uso turned heel after aligning with his cousin brother and humiliated by The Tribal Chief. His push has helped him figure a lot more in singles’ action and has picked up surprising wins.

Jimmy Uso Dolph Ziggler
Uso faced Ziggler in singles action on Friday Night SmackDown

He faced Dolph Ziggler on this week’s WWE SmackDown and beat him, much to everyone’s surprise. Uso has been by Reigns’ side even when Edge made his return at the end of the show. He prevented Reigns from a brutal attack by Edge and took the beating from the Rated-R Superstar. Edge then speared Uso through the barricade after which he declared that he has arrived for Reigns.

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