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Jeff Hardy applies face paint before a show
Jeff Hardy (WWE)

In December, Jeff Hardy was released from his WWE contract due was released from his WWE contract in December owing to an incident at a Live Event. WWE presumed that the incident was related to drugs. Matt Hardy came to his brother’s defense revealing that WWE hadn’t even received the result of the drug test when they fired Jeff.

Matt also revealed that WWE had offered a Hall of Fame induction to Jeff as a means to compensate for the unjust treatment. Jeff was offered to be inducted in the Hall of Fame as a singles competitor. Jeff, however, wanted to be inducted sometime in the future with his brother.

During the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Jeff spoke at length about being let go by WWE and the Hall of Fame offer.

“My mind and my emotion went crazy and I was in tears man” – Jeff Hardy on being offered the Hall of Fame Induction

Jeff Hardy on right with Matt Hardy during earlier days (Pinterest)

It just felt completely wrong. It just didn’t feel like the time at all,” Hardy said. “I almost felt offended, I was very emotional, but almost felt offended like what? After my 90 days are up, the Hall of Fame is in April and I do go to AEW, how’s that going to work? What are y’all trying to hit me with as far as if I sign with AEW when I’m free and me going into the Hall of Fame and how would that even work? My mind and my emotion went crazy and I was in tears man like this is my career. I know I had been a very influential person to a lot of young misunderstood individuals but yeah, it just felt so wrong. Like how dare you?

“I know that sounds crazy. Because I guess when people get offered the Hall of Fame it’s like ‘oh, I’m a Hall of Famer’ but it’s never really meant that much to me. It’s not time for that, that’s why it was a hard no. Especially, it feels like something Matt and I should go in together. As The Hardy Boyz when the time is right. It was just weird man. I still don’t know how I feel about that overall. It just felt so wrong.”

Matt reveals that Jeff didn’t feel valued

You just didn’t feel valued,Matt said to Jeff. “You are one of the most beloved wrestling superstars of all time and that lack of feeling valued to your maximum ability and just being able to leave and come here [to AEW] and seeing how this is. Just like the Hall of Fame thing, I almost feel like they jumped the gun before they let you go and got the drug test results back and it was almost like what can we do to reel him back in and that’s probably what was emotional about it too. I want people to offer things like that because it’s coming from the right place. Not because there’s so motive behind it or they’re trying to reel you back in.”

Jeff Hardy joked that it would have been interesting had he asked WWE when he received the offer, what will happen if he’s signed with AEW when the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony would take place.

Maybe I should’ve said this ‘wait a minute, what if I’m in AEW at the time of the Hall of Fame? How does that work?’ What if, yanno,” Jeff said.

That would’ve been interesting. I would imagine they would’ve had you under a nice little contract where you couldn’t have came to AEW. That would be my guess,” Matt said.

Jeff and Matt have reunited on AEW. Jeff debuted a couple of weeks ago in the company.

h/t- Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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