Former WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy finally reveals about the WWE Live Event controversy

Jeff Hardy recently made his debut at All Elite Wrestling. This all happened since he was released by WWE after he reportedly turned down a rehab for his drug issues as he acclaimed that he didn’t do any. 

Jeff Hardy Covid 19
Jeff Hardy

There was also an incident during a WWE live event in Edinburgh, TX, where he teamed with Xavier Woods and Drew McIntyre against The Bloodline. But he left the match in the middle and vanished into the crowd. It was later reported that he was sent home from the road.

Hardy recently spoke on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast and shared his side of the story about the incident and, in fact, revealed all the details surrounding his departure from the WWE Live Event.

“….I don’t know. Why am I even here[WWE]? I don’t feel important at all. I kept doing my deal, showing up and doing whatever they wanted me to do, and I’ve never been a politician, so I don’t go out of my way to get a certain spot or to achieve a certain status. “But yeah, that night in Texas, I finished my heat, took the heat, and just said I’m ready to go. Went over the railing, disappeared into the crowd, and naturally, they think I took something like drugs or whatever, but I didn’t. I mean, if I was that bad, I should’ve never gone out there is the way I see it.” (H/t Fightfans)

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Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy makes their AEW debut as a tag-team

Jeff Hardy claims that departing from WWE is the Smartest thing he has done 

Hardy continued on the podcast and revealed that it’s one of the most innovative things he has done since everything has worked out for him. He also said that at AEW, he felt valuable for the first time. Jeff also revealed how happy he felt when he saw his first action figure with face paint.

Jeff Hardy applies face paint before a show
Jeff Hardy applies face paint before a show (WWE)

“Again, it was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done because everything worked out so perfectly, mainly because my first day in AEW, I felt valuable for the first time. With the care and love I was shown, I got chills thinking about it. In WWE, it felt like they just wanted to keep me there to sell action figures. I put so much love and joy in painting my face. When I see it come out and immortalized in an action figure, I’m like, ‘That’s why it does this, it’s so cool. That’s one thing I’m super excited about in AEW, my first action figure with the face paint.” (H/t Fightful)

The Hardy’s made their in-ring debut at AEW in a tag-team match at Rampage.

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