WWE 2K22 is officially launched on March 11 but is 2K22 a cross-platform game?

WWE 2K22 was finally launched on March 11, 2022, for PC and current Playstations and Xbox consoles. The game features a new engine, graphics and gameplay. Not only that, but it also features many new modes and one fan favourite GM mode.

WWE 2K22
WWE 2K22

After the failure of WWE 2K20, fans will be hoping for a good comeback from the 2K company as it took a year break. However, some fans might be thinking about whether some new features like crossplay will be available or not.

According to Gamepur, WWE 2K22 representative has stated that the game won’t have a cross-platform play functionality. But you will be able to share Community Creations items across PC, Xbox and Playstation Consoles. Players can also download custom content, including CAWs, belts and other creations.

“A PR representative for WWE 2K22 confirmed … that the game will not have cross-play for its online multiplayer modes. However, you can share your Community Creations across multiple platforms, adding some form of cross-platform functionality.”

WWE 2K22 features cross-platform Community Creations 

This new WWE console game doesn’t feature cross-platform play but cross-platform Community Creations. 

To activate cross-platform Community Creations, you have to link your WWE 2K22 save the file with a 2K Account. Here’s how to do it: (h/t Thenerdstash)

  1. Press Triangle to log in to your 2K Account in the main menu.
  2. Create one or link your account if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Making an account and then connecting it through a PC browser instead of via console is recommended.
  • You might not get a “verify account mail” send to your email, but the account registration still works.
  1.  Restart your game.
  2. Then open the Community Creations menu.

It has been reported that this new 2k game will feature more than 200 stories in My Rise mode, and there will be branching of storylines, making the game more interesting.

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